The SolReliable whole home, or whole building, approach allows you to quickly lower your Southern California property’s energy costs, increase its value and maximize your comfort with our advanced clean energy solutions and services. We will help you identify the greatest opportunities for energy savings that will result in the highest utility bill savings possible and the highest return on your investment.

Our blog will inform you on the latest improvements and strategies in the energy efficiency and renewable energy space. A source of materials meant for education, you’ll learn more about solar energy, green energy solutions and green home remodeling. Our articles will help you discover the renewable, green possibilities and alternatives available to help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint simultaneously

Update Your Home This Spring with Whole-Home Green Energy Solutions with SolReliable!
Making high-quality updates to your home can improve your day-to-day, while also helping you earn valuable equity. Spring is a great time to make updates to your home so you can enjoy them throughout the rest of the year. Energy-conscious updates, in particular, will help you stay more comfortable and increase energy bill savings.
2.0 Eases Your Finances
For homeowners in the greater Los Angeles area who are considering switching to solar, there are a number of major changes on the horizon that should help speed up the decision process.
bill savings
Spring has formally begun and brought longer and warmer days that have reenergized Southern California homeowners to start a variety of projects. If you’ve been itching to make some home improvements, but have been deterred by the investment, now is the perfect time to start with rebates from Energy Upgrade California and CaliforniaFIRST financing.

If you’re considering ways to invest in your home, you may have already thought of the obvious — like a kitchen remodel or a bathroom gut. But what if there was a way to add value to your home and make it more comfortable and affordable to live in right away?

Updating your home’s roof can be the answer you’re looking for. The average lifespan of a roof is somewhere around 20 years, although it can vary. So if your home’s roof is coming close to that mark or if you don’t even know how old your roof is, it’s time to start thinking about investing in an upgrade.

As the new year quickly approaches, you may be thinking about the fact that you’d like to go to the gym more often or eat healthier food. You may also be budgeting to find ways to help save for a vacation or pay off debt. Many of your goals for 2017 probably revolve around savings and health. Fortunately, setting resolutions for your home can help you accomplish your personal targets as well. If you want your home to help you save and stay healthy in the new year, you should establish the following goals.
Get Your Los Angeles, California Home Ready for Winter with SolReliable!
As the weather starts to get cooler in the Southern California area, you need to make sure your home is prepared. Although the Los Angeles region may not get as cold as many parts of the country, the winter nights still require a home that’s ready to handle the temperatures outside. So, is your home prepared to take on the winter?
Are you ready to get the most out of solar energy? Learn more about solar for your Los Angeles area home with SolReliable!
Going solar is a great decision for your home. It’s a low-risk, high-return investment that has many benefits and helps you make a difference on a large scale. There is no doubt that solar power for your home will be advantageous, but there are steps you should take to make sure you’re able to really get the most out of it.

As most Southern California residents know, going solar can greatly decrease their home’s energy bills and reduce their personal carbon footprint. While this makes a noticeable difference on a small scale, solar energy also has a much larger global impact. Especially around Thanksgiving, isn’t it time you showed the planet just how grateful you are?

Homeowners throughout Southern California are choosing solar energy to power their homes and there’s never been a better opportunity than this year to become one of them! With an in-depth analysis you can start to lower your utility bills, making the most out of a solar system’s straightforward installation process and virtually no need for maintenance. On top of the ease of switching, a large federal tax credit will make upgrading to solar with SolReliable fit easily into your budget.

Homeowners across California have a fantastic opportunity to save on a solar hot water system. For nearly NO cost, Southern Californians living in the Greater Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, Long Beach, and beyond can make an upgrade to a super-efficient solar hot water system. Plus, until October 1, 2016, customers can get a free tankless water heater when they upgrade! Don’t wait!


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    SolReliable is professional, friendly and passionate about solar energy. They deliver good green energy generation systems. I highly recommend them.

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    It was a pleasure to have your team in our house. They were super efficient. If the system proves to be as good as your service and, then we have a great product that is going to last a very long time.

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  • Wow. I don't know where to begin. I was referred to Allen Ladd by my business partner for solar panels. When I was all said and done, he had the most competitive pricing, best customer service and saved me 60% a month on my electric bill every month!!!
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    They were extremely professional, friendly, and convinced us to make an apt. Our appointment was last night and I have to say Danny and Diego were AMAZING!!! Not only were they Professional, informative, and totally down to earth, but they were super amazing and pretty much did double of the work... Read More
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    Thanks to Michael S., I now have solar electric, a new roof, water heating, insulation, energy efficient windows, and lighting. Not only do I pay next to nothing in electricity, the other upgrades have cut my gas and water bills in this 1927 home to almost half.
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    Allen at SolReliable is the only trustworthy person in this now booming industry. He walked my family through the process and gave us the best deal after we comparison-shopped for months.
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    A very knowledgable and attentive staff. Shawn the project manager was on top of all the details the whole time.
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  • MANY THUMPS UP!!! SolReliable is a great company with excellent service. They came knocking on my door one afternoon to explain to me how solar water heaters are on demand and being able to get a big rebate.
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