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SolReliable has led the green energy and home improvement market in Southern California since 2006. We work with homeowners who feel they pay too much on their utility bills (Water, Gas, and Power) and want to find ways to save money and save the environment. 

SolReliable's expert in-house team of solar and green energy consultants have a unique approach to a whole home solution.
Our custom proposals present a comprehensive energy-saving package that utilizes the most advanced green energy upgrade products and rebates for the best value and service in our industry. These updates are designed to cut homeowners' utility bills, increase home comfort, boost property value, and ensure that we are helping to save the planet with every new project. 
Where many other companies are locked into one or two ways of installation and one or two industry products, SolReliable offers the whole package of solutions and personal project management that are tailored to our clients' Home needs. 
There's no point going 100% Solar if your home isn't 100% efficient. 
At SolReliable we will upgrade our client's home and then add solar to reach a 100% usage offsetting. This way our customers can enjoy a low cost of utility bills, increase in home comfort and value with high ROI while only redirecting a portion of the utility savings to pay for their new improvement. 

Redirecting Your Utility Bills Into Clean Energy Improvements

We will take the time to get to know you and your unique needs. We'll offer you our extensive knowledge so you can make highly informed decisions that work for your home or business.

Our team has spent years developing strong partnerships with the most advanced and reliable green energy technology manufacturers in the world, from solar, to COOL roofing, HVAC, insulation, windows, artificial grass (turf), pool pumps, and more, allowing us to introduce you to the most efficient and cost-effective energy solutions package while utilizing the most affordable financing options on the market. The end result for most of our customers is lower overall payments, the ability to redirect utility savings toward offsetting the cost of improvement, a positive monthly cash flow, and lower overall bills. If you can afford your bills, then certainly you can afford to pay less of your bills.

We service current utility customers from LADWP, Edison, Burbank WP, Pasadena WP, Glendale WP, Anaheim WP, PG&E, SDG&E, and more. By examining just a few year's worth of your utility bills and your budget, we will identify your complete green energy solutions at highly competitive prices. The significant monthly savings, rebates, and cash-positive financing plans that we provide can offset or replace your home or business improvements, meaning we can complete the project of your dreams with a high ROI (return on investment).

Top Solar Panels and Products

SolReliable's consultants select top solar panels and products that will surpass your expectations and make you excited to join the green revolution. Our number one priority is to find you the best cost per AC kilowatt hour. Most utility customers are subjected to a mandatory, expensive, and exploitive "tier system," paying as high as $0.36 kilowatt hour, with bills increasing 6-9% annually, while our solar installations can achieve up to a 30-60% reduction. The difference of a 30-60% reduction adds up fast and, over 25 years, can mean the difference between your dream home or business improvements, family vacations, improving your credit score, affording college tuitions, and securing new money to invest in your own personal or business future.

Some of our most efficient solar panels and microinverters, such as SunPower®, are so exclusive and highly rated that the manufacturers will only permit top-performing and top-rated solar companies to distribute them. We work with you to identify your most profitable plan, whether it's a solar buy option with or without financing, leasing, a prepaid lease, or a commercial PPA. Our other powerful and durable panels include SolarWorld®, Panasonic®, Canadian Solar®, LG Solar®, Q.CELLS®, AC solar panels, and more, all matched by the industry's top inverters including SMA, Enphase, and SolarEdge microinverters and optimizers. With so many excellent options, the question is not if there is a solar panel system and financial plan that's right for you -- but which solar panel system and financial plan is perfect for your home or business..

Streamlining the Solar Energy Installation Process

Our in-house team makes installing solar panels, as well as our long list of green energy products, stress-free and streamlined. We will handle your entire energy efficient product and solar projects from start to finish, from site assessments to shading analysis, pulling permits, and presenting you with multiple financing plans, all with your personal approval for every step we take. We can even help you if you have bad credit.

We're proud of our B-1 general contractor and C46 solar contractor licenses. These licenses give you peace of mind knowing that our experts back an in-house installation team who are led by project managers specifically assigned to your home. Licensed contractors, in-house installations, and qualified project managers all mean one thing: lower overall project cost and top customer service.

SolReliable has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and our happy residential and commercial customers from Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Pasadena, Orange County, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, and beyond have left us overwhelmingly positive 5-star ratings on our Yelp.

Customers find our presentation informative, organized, and different than the majority of solar and green energy solutions companies. We're one of the few companies that offer an extensive, no-cost presentation that shows the whole home or whole business energy solutions. Try us now to schedule a 45-minute presentation and join the many customers who were happy that they did.

SolReliable Green Home Remodeling

On top of SolReliable's Solar and Green Energy Solutions Divisions, we continue to offer Green Home Remodeling for pre-existing and a few select customers. SolReliable began in home remodeling in 2006 and has led the movement toward green home remodeling projects that utilize energy efficient products every step of the way. Our exclusive, full-service, and in-house team of specialists all operates under one contractor. Only our most elite project managers are allowed to run a SolReliable Green Home Remodeling project. These project managers are experts in the field and can offer extensive service and the most attractive pricing.

Since 2006, we've learned that in Southern California, it's challenging for customers to find contractors who have good communication, high level of work, and great service all under one umbrella: financing, permits, products, and multiple trades.

Our Green Home Remodeling Division can offer you the following projects:

  • Architectural plans
  • Room additions
  • New construction
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Custom patios
  • Fences and gates

The average homeowner only remodels these projects once in their lifetime. Our ethos is to ensure that our Green Home Remodeling projects surpass your high expectations from inception to completion, that we guide you through the complete process, and that we service you with clear communication, clean work, and thrilling results.

Want to learn why SolReliable is the right contractor for your home remodeling needs? Contact us today to schedule a no-cost estimate.

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  • We are so pleased!

    We're so pleased with the service we received, and of course our new solar panels. All of our friends are now asking about your company, and we are pleased to recommend you. Thank you.

    David, Calabasas
  • Good job!

    SolReliable is professional, friendly and passionate about solar energy. They deliver good green energy generation systems. I highly recommend them.

    The Cole Family, Burbank
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated.

    It was a pleasure to have your team in our house. They were super efficient. If the system proves to be as good as your service and, then we have a great product that is going to last a very long time.

    Liam, Simi Valley
  • Wow. I don't know where to begin. I was referred to Allen Ladd by my business partner for solar panels. When I was all said and done, he had the most competitive pricing, best customer service and saved me 60% a month on my electric bill every month!!!
    Tony S., Los Angeles, CA
  • We know we are in great hands with a great company!
    They were extremely professional, friendly, and convinced us to make an apt. Our appointment was last night and I have to say Danny and Diego were AMAZING!!! Not only were they Professional, informative, and totally down to earth, but they were super amazing and pretty much did double of the work... Read More
    Becky R. , Los Angeles, CA
  • Could not be happier with
    Thanks to Michael S., I now have solar electric, a new roof, water heating, insulation, energy efficient windows, and lighting. Not only do I pay next to nothing in electricity, the other upgrades have cut my gas and water bills in this 1927 home to almost half.
    Laurel R., San Fernando, CA
  • Trustworthy
    Allen at SolReliable is the only trustworthy person in this now booming industry. He walked my family through the process and gave us the best deal after we comparison-shopped for months.
    Dory B., West Hollywood, CA
  • A very knowledegable and attentive staff.
    A very knowledgable and attentive staff. Shawn the project manager was on top of all the details the whole time.
    Daniela N., Los Angeles, CA
  • MANY THUMPS UP!!! SolReliable is a great company with excellent service. They came knocking on my door one afternoon to explain to me how solar water heaters are on demand and being able to get a big rebate.
    Pedro V., Canoga Park, CA
  • 03/07/2017 -- 5 Stars

    John A. , La Crescenta, CA