Act Now to Save on Solar Hot Water!

Homeowners across California have a fantastic opportunity to save on a solar hot water system. For nearly NO cost, Southern Californians living in the Greater Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, Long Beach, and beyond can make an upgrade to a super-efficient solar hot water system. Plus, until October 1, 2016, customers can get a free tankless water heater when they upgrade! Don’t wait!

What are Solar Hot Water Systems

Do you find yourself waiting a long time for water to warm up? Solar hot water systems are clean energy systems, installed on your roof, that use solar heat to quickly and efficiently deliver hot water to your home. The units inject heat into your tank or tankless system with extra water stored alongside your panels or with a special hot liquid gel. Because these systems are so efficient and the energy source is so abundant, solar hot water is increasingly popular among California homeowners.

Will Solar Hot Water Systems Save Me Money?

Yes! These hyper-efficient units can save you up to 50% to 90% on your gas bill. The installation is a straightforward process and the units require little to no maintenance, meaning you can also expect to save in upkeep costs and time invested in keeping your system running. Our team is committed to working only with the top rated solar thermal brands, including Apricus, Heliodyne and Sunearth. These durable, high-quality products are designed to provide reliable hot water to your home for many years.

The Benefits of Solar Hot Water Heaters

In addition to helping reduce your home’s gas consumption by 50% to 90%, there are are a variety of other benefits of solar hot water systems that makes upgrading a no-brainer, including:

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Consistently Available Hot Water
  • Increased Home Resale Value

Current Rebates: Don’t Wait to Upgrade!

Right now, some of the most attractive rebates in history exist to make this excellent upgrade available for your home, resulting in incredibly low upfront costs. You can receive a 30% federal tax credit (FTC) off the price of your system, plus an additional $10,238 rebate in addition! The end result is at the end of the year, after you’ve received your 30% FTC and up to $10,238 in rebate, your net cost will be an amazing deal. These rebates are only in effect until January 1, 2017 -- act now and seize the savings! Homeowners who act by October 1st of this year (2016) will also get a free tankless water heater. What are you waiting for?

Why Choose SolReliable?

Since 2006, our team has led in the Southern California green energy market. As your local solar experts, our consultants are ready to show you the true benefit of upgrading to a solar hot water heating system. Our detail-oriented team works diligently to ensure our customers are getting the most out of their new solar hot water systems. We’ll work with you and your budget, answering any questions you may have along the way. We’re ready to help you get financing that allows you to get your system up and running for no money down and as little as $0 in net cost!

Ready to increase the efficiency of home with a solar hot water system? Contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment!