Resolutions for Your Home

As the new year quickly approaches, you may be thinking about the fact that you’d like to go to the gym more often or eat healthier food. You may also be budgeting to find ways to help save for a vacation or pay off debt.

Many of your goals for 2017 probably revolve around savings and health. Fortunately, setting resolutions for your home can help you accomplish your personal targets as well. If you want your home to help you save and stay healthy in the new year, you should establish the following goals.

1. Go Solar

Solar energy can help you virtually eliminate your electricity bills. The sunshine and high energy costs, make your Los Angeles area home ideal for taking advantage of the power the sun has to offer.

By going solar, you can save money initially with a 30% federal tax credit and then continue saving as you start producing electricity to power your home and its systems.

2. Upgrade Your HVAC System

Your home’s outdated heating and cooling system can be contributing to high energy bills, discomfort and even poor indoor air quality. By upgrading your HVAC system to a new, energy efficient model you can reduce costs, increase home comfort year-round and keep your home’s air cleaner to help you breathe easier.

3. Install Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

High-efficiency windows and doors not only look great, adding a boost to your home’s curb appeal, but they can help lower monthly energy bills and keep your home more secure. By allowing conditioned air to stay in, new doors and windows keep your home more comfortable while wasting less energy. They also prevent outdoor pollutants from making their way inside, helping to preserve your home’s indoor air quality.

4. Upgrade Your Insulation

Most homes throughout California, from Los Angeles to Long Beach, aren’t properly insulated. This allows heat to readily enter during the summer and escape during the cooler months. By improving your home’s insulation, you’ll require less heating and cooling which will allow you to save money all year long.

Upgrade Your Home in 2017 with SolReliable

SolReliable can help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions of savings and health with our home improvement solutions. With solar energy, green energy solutions, remodeling and unbeatable financing and incentives SolReliable can make your Southern California home support your goals!

Get the most out of your home in 2017 with help from SolReliable! Contact us or call (818) 446-9700 to learn more about how to start saving today!