Tesla Powerwall Battery Back-Up Benefits

November 21, 2017

With technology moving towards improved energy solutions and savings, it’s time to take advantage of what it can offer your home.

Going Solar is the First Step

 Although a battery back-up can work for your home even if you don’t have solar, if you’ve been thinking about how to lower your home’s monthly expenses and reduce your impact on the environment, going   solar is where you should start. With financing, rebates, and   incentives, including the 30% federal tax credit, there’s never been a better time to make the switch.

 But maybe you already have solar, or you want to jump in with both   feet and gain complete control over your home’s energy use, in that   case, a battery back-up is the next step.

Why Should I Install a Battery Back-Up in My Home?

If you don’t have solar and aren’t ready to make the switch just yet, you can still install a battery back-up to store power for your home in case of a grid power outage. This will offer a source of power until the grid’s power is restored.

However, when you combine a battery back-up with a solar PV system, you can store the power your home’s solar system produces to then be delivered when the sun isn’t shining.

  • Back-Up Power

Without solar and a battery back-up, you’re reliant on the grid. When there’s a power outage, you have to go without electricity. Fortunately, with a battery back-up, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home will have power, even if the grid goes down, so you’ll keep the lights on and stay connected.

  • Load Shifting

Most homes in Southern California only use a fraction of the solar energy they collect. With a battery back-up, instead of sending excess power into the grid, you’ll be able to store if for use whenever you need it. This will help you save money on purchasing power from the utility company, helping you achieve the highest return on investment from your solar installation, especially if you’re already on Net Metering 2.0. With the Powerwall load shifting, you can offset expensive time of use electricity costs with power from your battery back-up, so you increase your savings even more.

  • Advanced Monitoring

Once your solar system and battery back-up are installed, you shouldn’t have to think about them. With advanced monitoring, your system will do its job to save you as much as possible. This offers greater freedom, saving, and a reduced carbon footprint that helps preserve the environment. SolReliable’s whole-home green energy solutions can also help you increase your home’s energy independence.

Powerwall Benefits

At SolReliable, we provide our customers with the most advanced solutions. That’s why we install the Powerwall  for homeowners throughout Southern California. Manufactured by one of the most sophisticated technology companies in the world, this battery back-up is powerful and unique.

It is durable and flexible, so that it can be installed outside or inside, mounted on a wall or even the floor. Up to ten units can be combined, to offer complete energy solutions for even the largest homes with extensive power needs.

Since there are no live wires or bulky vents, it’s safe for the entire family to be around without posing a hazard. The Powerwall is always connected, meaning you can monitor its power supply and use in real-time. When installed by SolReliable, you’ll have a 10-year warranty protecting your battery, so your investment will be covered for the long-term.

SolReliable: Your Southern California Home Energy Solution Partner

When you choose SolReliable to install your home’s Powerwall, you’ll also be eligible to receive a significant rebate from the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP). In fact, you can get $4,640 back on your Powerwall purchase with the SGIP rebate, and you can make a new Powerwall (and your solar installation) even more affordable with various financing options. Make the most out of clean energy solutions and start moving your home toward net-zero with help from the expert team at SolReliable.

A battery back-up is the perfect power companion for your Southern California home. Contact us or call (818) 446-9700 to schedule a consultation today!