Is Your AC System the Right Size?

Air conditioner outside of home in Southern California
June 26, 2016

Summer is heating up here in the Greater Los Angeles area, and a lot of homeowners have started running their AC units constantly in an effort to stay cool. What many people don’t think about this time of year, however, is whether or not their AC is operating at peak capacity. While there are a number of different factors that can influence whether or not an AC unit works as well as it’s supposed to, sizing is perhaps the most important. Surprisingly, however, AC sizing is also one of the most commonly overlooked part of the installation process.

Why Not Just “Go Big” With Your AC?

It’s easy to assume that the best way to ensure that you’ve got enough AC power on your side is to simply purchase and install the largest unit available. After all, no one wants to install an air conditioner that is too small for the space it’s trying to keep cool. A larger AC unit doesn’t always mean a cooler house, however, and choosing a unit that is too large for your home can come along with a significant number of drawbacks, like:

  • Poor Dehumidification Abilities

  • “Short-Cycling”

  • Increased Wear and Tear

  • Excessive Energy Use

  • Higher Monthly Electricity Bills

These and many other reasons add up to why it’s so important to ensure that the AC unit you choose is the right size to get the job done properly. It’s one of the most crucial steps in the process of outfitting a home with a new air conditioner and simply cannot get skipped or overlooked.

SolReliable Can Help

At SolReliable, we believe that few things are as important at the end of the day as being able to return to a comfortable home, especially when the heat of summer is bearing down. We can help choose the best AC system for your home, no matter how large or small it is. Specializing in modern, high-efficiency systems, we can significantly reduce your energy bills. If you’re interested in clean, renewable energy, we can also help you determine if solar is good fit for your California home.

We know that budget is often a concern for those who are interested in making home upgrades but are hesitant because of the upfront costs. This is why we work with each and every one of our customers to meet their needs, offering superior financing options and always answering any questions that might come up along the way.

Ready to stay cool this summer? It’s all about right-sizing your AC unit. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment!