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Energy Upgrade California rebates are back starting January 1, 2018! Since only $720,000 is available and will likely only last until April, act now to get your rebate!

Saving on your bills while saving the environment is a rewarding experience—but did you know you can also reward yourself with special rebates from Energy Upgrade California sent right to your home?

SolReliable is excited to announce our unique partnership with Energy Upgrade California.

On top of the regular federal tax credits and utility rebates that energy efficient upgrades may already qualify you for from SoCal Gas, LADWP, Edison, PGE, SDGE and more, you can now receive up to $5,500 in additional rebates through a Home Upgrade Package or an Advanced Home Upgrade Package.

Energy Upgrade California is a state-initiative, supported by the California Public Utilities Commission, the California Energy Commission, and your local government to help homeowners meet energy and climate action goals. Energy Upgrade California is an Energy Star partner, the U.S. government’s national standard for energy efficient consumer products.

Qualify for up to $5,500 in rebates in the following categories:

How a Home Upgrade with Energy Upgrade California Works

  1. Reach out to SolReliable to schedule a no-cost home energy efficiency consultation to determine which energy upgrades are right for your home.

  2. After you select your projects, include the Energy Upgrade California analysis into your project agreement.

  3. Complete your projects and pass inspection.

  4. We provide a comprehensive energy audit to qualify and measure your home’s new energy performance. Each one of your new upgrades will be scored with a rating—and each rating means more rebate.

  5. Receive up to $5,500 in additional rebates sent right to your home.

Learn more about your utility company’s relationship with Energy Upgrade California:

Ready for Your Rebates?

Energy Update California’s historically high rebates up to $5,500 are based on a first-come first-serve basis and are subject to change over time.

Contact us today for a no-cost consultation to maximize your additional rebates before they expire.

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