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Does your lawn stay green all year round? Do you feel you're paying too much on your water and lawn maintenance bills? Artificial grass, also known as "synthetic lawn" or "turf," is an increasingly popular and cost-effective way to conserve water, save money, cut lawn upkeep, and be part of the solution to California's severe drought. SolReliable's lush, eco-friendly artificial grass doesn't need water, fertilizer, seeding, pesticides, or mowing--and it stays stunningly green all year long. Some of our turfs are backed with a lifetime warranty, ensuring that the grass is always greener on your side.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass

  • Green throughout the year
  • Less maintenance
  • May qualify for money-saving utility rebates and PACE financing programs
  • Eliminates pollution from pesticides and fertilizers
  • Saves money on water and upkeep costs
  • Comfortable and safe for children and pets
  • Available in different styles and lengths

Why Use Artificial Grass?

Did you know the average lawn uses 60,000 gallons of water each year? California lawns guzzle water, accounting for a huge quantity of residential water use across California, from Los Angeles, Anaheim, Irvine, Long Beach, San Bernardino, and beyond. In a time of skyrocketing water prices and drought, lawns take a tremendous toll on your wallet and our environment.

Many SolReliable customers appreciate that little maintenance is required to keep turf in pristine condition. Imagine no Saturday mornings spent mowing, fertilizing, and watering your lawn! With technology advances, artificial lawns come in more styles and are exceptionally durable. Synthetic grass is not only easier than ever to maintain, but is also a strong message to your neighbors that you both care about your home and want to help end California's drought.

We provide a variety of the most high-quality artificial grass products on the market, including Neo-Turf Systems®, SYNLawn®, and Grass Turf Mills®. SolReliable does all the installation work in-house without relying on subcontractors (except for a few highly specialized tasks). We also offer up to 10-year warranty on labor and a lifetime product warranty. If you are dissatisfied with your artificial lawn for any reason, let us know and we will fix it.

Artificial Grass Incentive Programs

As California grapples with water shortages, many programs have been created to incentivize homeowners to replace lawns with artificial turf. Some water districts and cities throughout California offer rebates for qualified artificial lawns. Currently, LADWP and other utility companies are offering up to $2,300 in rebates to upgrade your current grass to artificial turf. These rebates won't last forever, so contact us today to ensure you can save on your new turf now.

PACE financing helps remove the upfront cost of a synthetic lawn installation by allowing you to pay off the cost of the project over time. SolReliable is a preferred contractor for both CaliforniaFIRST and the HERO financing.

Turn your lawn into a water saver and help end the California drought. Call SolReliable today for a no-cost estimate!

Save time, money, and water with artificial turf.

Our team can help you beat the dry California climate!


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