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Electric vehicles are growing rapidly in popularity — especially here in Southern California where there is a strong market for green, sustainable energy. Of course, in order to seamlessly transition from fuel to electric, it’s important to make sure your home is equipped to charge your car quickly and efficiently.

To help customers in Southern California make the switch from fuel to electric, SolReliable offers professional installation of electric car chargers from EV manufacturers like Tesla.

The Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Is isn’t hard to see the benefits of switching to an electric-powered vehicle. Going electric reduces your reliance on fossil fuels and gives you independence from fluctuating energy prices. Electric cars also tend to be more efficient. Because EV manufacturers, utilities, and government agencies are working together to rapidly expand the network of charging infrastructure, you can also expect public car charging stations to become more and more common.

Here’s another benefit to consider: When you invest in a solar electric system for your home, you can power your car and home with clean, renewable energy from the sun. That’s free fuel for your car, for the life of your solar electric system.

Professional Electric Car Charger Installation

Making the switch to electric can be relatively simple, but as with most electrical work, it does require special expertise to install the electric car charger. Most charger manufacturers, including Tesla, recommend consulting an electrician to ensure that the charger installation meets local regulations.

Fortunately, making the switch to electric can be simple when you have an experienced electric car charger installer on your side. By having one of the SolReliable professionals install your electric car charger, you can ensure a safe and high-quality installation that adheres to local regulations.

Expert Charging Station Setup for Your Tesla

SolReliable has extensive experience, in particular, with installing Wall Connectors by Tesla. We’ll help you assess your electrical system, design the ideal charging station for your needs, and install your Wall Connector while ensuring maximum efficiency. With your professionally installed Tesla charging station, you could get 300 miles of charge in less than six hours.

Transition to Electric with SolReliable

With SolReliable, going electric and switching to green energy couldn’t be easier. In addition to professional EV charger installation, we offer a number of green energy solutions like efficient HVAC installation and COOL roofing to help you cut energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Making the switch to an electric car? Start preparing your home by contacting SolReliable today!

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