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Did you know there are over 5 million residential in-ground pools in the United States that, combined, consume 9 to 14 billion kilowatt hours of electricity each year? That's more than the amount a Californian nuclear power plant produces annually. It's no surprise that without green energy solutions, owning a pool can be expensive; homeowners with pools pay hundreds of dollars in pool-related energy costs every year.

SolReliable finds solutions to high pool upkeep costs. As part of our whole home approach to energy efficiency, our pool upgrades can provide you with impressive utility savings. And thanks to local rebates, you'll dive right into the savings.

Energy-Saving Pool Pumps

Most homeowners run their pool pumps 3 to 6 hours per day and heat their pool consistently throughout the year. Homeowners whose pool pumps are not variable-speed or intel-flow, and whose pool heaters are not energy-efficient, discover high utility bill cost each month. The good news is that it doesn't need to be this way. Recent technology and design innovations have greatly reduced the energy consumption of pool pumps and pool heaters. We would love to help.

Upgrading your new pool pumps to variable-speed or intel-flow, as well as upgrading to a new pool heater, consume up to 90% less energy than an ordinary, single-speed pool pumps and heater. We work with the industry's top-rated pool pump manufacturers, including Hayward, Pentair, Jandy, and many more.

Save on Your Pool Heating Costs

There are few greater pleasures than jumping into a perfectly-warmed pool. SolReliable can also help you cut your pool heating costs with a new, energy efficient gas or electric pool heater. Conventional pool heating can drive up pool ownership cost and home energy bills. Our energy consultants will find affordable ways to heat your pool with a variety of energy-efficient options, including thermal solar systems.
SolReliable has an arsenal of products to save you money, including:

  • New pool pumps
  • Thermal solar to heat your pool
  • Advanced hybrid solar systems, such as CoolPV, that heat your pool and simultaneously generate electricity to offset your electrical bill

Financing Options

CaliforniaFIRST and HERO financing are innovative programs that help make energy efficient home improvement projects affordable. The low rates and flexible payback terms allow homeowners to start saving money immediately on many energy-saving home upgrades.

There are also many advantageous utility rebates for qualifying energy efficient pool equipment. These options vary by location -- we'll let you know about all of the programs in your area that help you lower the cost toward your smart investment.

Are you ready to learn more about high-efficiency pool equipment for your home? Jump in with SolReliable! Contact us today to set up a no-cost consultation.

Save cool and save energy with an efficient pool!

We can help install and find financing for your upgrade.


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