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Foundation Bolting

Your home’s foundation is instrumental in keeping the entire structure intact. Cracks and foundation damage can affect your home’s durability. Since in the greater Los Angeles and San Diego area earthquakes are a daily possibility, it’s also essential that your home is protected with comprehensive foundation bolting and earthquake retrofitting.

How Does Foundation Bolting & Seismic Retrofitting Protect My House?

Earthquakes can cause a whole host of damage to your home. If your home’s structure isn’t bolted to the foundation, it is much more likely to sustain major structural damage. Commonly during earthquakes, homes can slide off the foundation, experience racking where the cripple walls buckle and eventually collapse, or can even overturn and lift off of the foundation entirely.

With foundation bolting and cripple wall bracing, the structure of your home will be more secure so that when an earthquake does hit, your home will be as prepared as it can possibly be. Not only will your house be protected from severe earthquake damage, but it will also be more durable so that the entire structure will be more stable for years to come.

Get Up to $3,000 Towards an Earthquake Retrofit

Earthquake Brace and Bolt (EBB) is a program that provides homeowners across California with up to $3,000 to lessen the potential for earthquake damage by strengthening their home’s foundation. Registration for the program begins in January 2018, where homeowners in certain ZIP codes across southern California in cities like Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, and more can apply to receive up to $3,000 towards their home’s earthquake retrofitting project.

How Do I Know If My Home Needs Foundation Bolting?

If you recently moved into your home or simply haven’t experienced a serious earthquake while living there, you might not know whether your house and its foundation are prepared. At SolReliable, we will make sure you’re ready by having an expert come to your home where they will go under the structure to see exactly what is going on.

The specialist will take photos and videos so they can show you the situation in detail. When preparing for an earthquake retrofit, we’ll explain how your home is built, what the issues are, and how they can be remedied. Once we establish exactly what the appropriate solutions will be, we’ll provide you with a quote for the completion of the seismic retrofit and foundation bolting so that you can keep your home safe and protected.

Don’t put your home at risk in the event of an earthquake! Get prepared with foundation bolting and earthquake retrofitting by contacting us or calling (818) 446-9700 today.

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