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Southern California homeowners need to paint their homes every 3 years to prevent termite damage and water damage to their homes. Thanks to advances in heat-resistant paint technology, paint can now help you save on your electrical bills, too.

Have you ever stood next to a single-pane window on a hot summer day and felt the heavy heat coming through with your hand? That sun's same intense rays are hitting your walls every day. For many years, the only way to diffuse that heat was through insulation, which only recently is now energy efficient.

Now, SolReliable can help you use advanced paint technology developed from the innovative minds of TEX-COTE, Cool Life, and more to reflect the Southern California sun's heat off your walls before it enters your home. The result drastically increases the capabilities of your energy efficient insulation, HVAC system, and double-pane or triple-pane windows.

The COOLWALL Advantage

COOLWALL paints are designed to last a lifetime. Their paints are rigorously tested in their state-of-the-art xenon weathering chamber, showing optimal performance even after 10 years of exposed sunlight. In other words, you can enjoy thousands of dollars in savings because you won't need to paint your home for the next 10 to 20 years. To top it off, your color will reflect heating without changing color due to its ability to reflect a greater percentage of non-visible portion of the spectrum. You'll enjoy a beautiful, unified look in a wide palette of colors for your home with no cracks or peeling paint, all while you save on the heating and cooling portion of your utility bill.

Don't Choose Ceramic Coating Paints

You may have heard of ceramic coating paints that allege to reflect the sun's rays, but TEX-COTE's COOLWALL is superior to ceramic coatings due to simple science: even though ceramic coatings are applied more heavily than ordinary paint, the thickness isn't sufficient to affect insulation of any measure. The Department of Energy and the Federal Trade Commission have both stated that ceramic paints do not increase reflectivity, while a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory showed that TEX-COTE COOLWALL can reduce a home's cooling costs by as much as 21.9%.

Cool Life Works

Made in America by Amerside and Lifetime Plus, Cool Life Heat Reflective Coating offers you paint that is more durable and is many times thicker than conventional paint. Cool Life's waterproof, breathable coating utilizes a patented technology that reflects the sun's natural heat waves. Because Cool Life paint is water-based, it's considered one of the most environmentally friendly paint products on the market. Cool Life products are installed by trained, licensed, and certified professionals. The installation comes complete with a lifetime guarantee and a 10 year Product Warranty and Lifetime Warranty against cracking or peeling. For over 50 years, Life Paint has has helped homeowners and companies protect their exterior surfaces from sun, wind, rain, dirt, smog, and old age.

A Durable, Lasting Investment

Cool Life offers you a lifetime of ROI. Its lasts longer than conventional paint, is better for the environment, and saves you money both by 1) reducing your utility bills through the heated or cooled air portion of your utility bill and 2) avoiding costly repainting and maintenance. For homeowners with stucco walls who desire a wide range of colors and shades to choose, Cool Life is a smart, long-term investment.

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Prevent fading and save on heating and cooling bills.

Heat-resistant exterior wall paint is a win-win.


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