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Ask yourself: when is the last time you checked your attic insulation? Most homes and businesses throughout California, from Los Angeles, Anaheim, Long Beach, Orange County, and beyond are not insulated optimally for energy performance and comfort. Homeowners with poor insulation lose between 21% and 31% in energy efficiency. Especially in a desert regions like Southern California that experience frigid winters and record hot summers, homeowners not only feel the difference in their home comfort, but see the difference on their bills as well.

That's why SolReliable works with you to customize a new, energy-saving batt insulation or blown insulation and ductwork system that saves you the precious temperature-controlled air you desire and, ultimately, saves you the most on your bills.

The Benefits of New Insulation

  • Greater home comfort
  • Lower utility bills
  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Less outside noise for a quieter home
  • Increased lifespan of heating and cooling equipment

How's Your Southern California Property's Insulation?

Insulation breaks down over time and becomes less effective. By keeping heat out in the summer and cold out in the winter, high-performance, energy efficient insulation cuts your energy bills every day. Common signs of inadequate insulation include large indoor temperature swings, uneven home temperatures, and even animal infestation.

SolReliable's California customers from Calabasas to San Bernardino, North Ridge, and beyond are thrilled by the difference new insulation can make on their energy bills and home comfort. Our home efficiency experts remove old insulation down to the studs and vacuum completely before adding high-performance insulation. We then install high-performance, ENERGY STAR® certified batt insulation or blown insulation for your attics, ceilings, walls, crawlspaces, and more.

Lowering Your Heating and Cooling Bills

For some projects, high-performance insulation lowers heating and cooling bills by 30% while extending the life of heating and cooling systems. In our Southern California climate, the right insulation can generate lower energy bills, make homes more comfortable, and offer an excellent return on investment. PACE financing and various utility rebates make insulating your home more affordable and more lucrative than ever.

The Importance of Ductwork

Although it is essential for the proper functioning of a heating and cooling system, ductwork is often underappreciated. Air leaks and improper insulation can waste energy throughout your home or business. Ductwork problems -- such as air leaks, improper sizing, lack of insulation, and obstructions -- cause uneven temperatures, high utility bills, and indoor air quality issues. During our ductwork installation service, we air test to determine if there are leaks. As part of our whole home and whole business approach, SolReliable properly sizes, seals, and insulates ductwork for optimum energy efficiency and comfort.

You've heard about the serious dangers of asbestos from the California Department of Public Health, but did you know that most homes and offices built before 1975 have a high chance of containing asbestos in their outdated ductwork? This can result in long-term health risks. SolReliable's state-of-the-art ductwork will remove that risk and let you breathe easy knowing asbestos and other toxic chemicals aren't entering your lungs.

Do you feel your heating and cooling bills are too high? Do you need your ducting replaced or cleaned? Reach out to SolReliable today to discover how we can reduce your bills and make sure you're breathing clean air.

Keep your heated & cooled air where it should be.

Consider high-performance insulation & ductwork.


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