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Many California homeowners upgrade their patios, driveways, and walkways with permeable pavers. Available in numerous distinctive colors, styles, and textures, permeable pavers offer you design freedom to create an old world, chic, or traditional look in your outdoor space. Unlike cement (which contains a large amount of sand), porous pavers offer microscopic pockets that allow water to pass through, greatly reducing cracking and rain runoff. They are also easier to replace or upgrade in the future.

Advantages of Permeable Pavers

  • Pavers Help recharge groundwater supplies by letting rainwater seep into the ground
  • Minimize or eliminate storm water runoff
  • Last longer than paved surfaces
  • Can be removed and put back in place
  • Minimize the heat island effect when a reflective, light-colored paver is used
  • May qualifies for PACE financing and utility rebates

We're proud of our paver's polished look. Check out our gallery and see for yourself.

Paver Naturally Manages Stormwater

In addition to beautifying your home's landscape, permeable pavers benefit the environment by naturally managing stormwater. Traditional concrete prevents water from seeping into the ground and causes surface runoff to carry pollutants into waterways. Our pavers, on the other hand, soak up rainwater as if it was natural earth. This helps recharge groundwater and promotes base flow in rivers, protecting the health of our waterways. Pavers can also be removed and put back in place when the ground needs to be accessed, conserving resources and money.

Fight the Drought with Smart Financing for Pavers

Now more than ever during California's severe drought, our land needs all the help we can give it to access natural water. Because of their water-saving abilities, permeable pavers can qualify for financing and incentives that can eliminate the upfront cost of the project. Homeowners can
qualify for low-rate financing with long terms for affordable green home upgrades. SolReliable, a preferred contractor for the CaliforniaFIRST and HERO financing programs, will guide you toward the best plan for your pavers.

SolReliable's Design and Installation Process

Our team will help you carry out your design vision for your outdoor spaces, from stylizing seating areas to dazzling gazebos and comfortable BBQ hearths. SolReliable offers a wide array of high-quality patio pavers for you to choose from, including Belgard and Cambridge Paving Stones. We provide you with a diverse choice of products and multiple design options so you can customize your vision and enjoy it the moment it's complete.

During project installation, we lay sand and gravel below porous pavers and space them correctly to ensure optimum drainage. SolReliable completes permeable paver projects with our expert in-house crew. For the vast majority of installations, we do not use subcontractors. By working with our customers every step of the way, from project plans to finishing touches, we ensure that this water-saving solution surpasses your expectations.

Want to redefine your outdoor spaces and help end the California drought? Contact SolReliable today to pave the way for the future with our permeable pavers.

Durable, environmentally-friendly, and affordable.

Permeable pavers can beat the drought!


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