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While solar leases offer immediate solar savings, if you have the appetite for the 30% federal tax credit, owning solar currently has many superior short-term and long-term benefits for home and business owners alike.

The Benefits of Owning Solar

  • Cut your gross cost by 30% with the federal tax credit.
  • On top of your 30% FTC, take advantage of your local rebates.
  • Receive the lowest cost per kilowatt hour available.
  • By owning and paying off your system through our premier partnership with CaliforniaFIRST or as a preferred contractor for HERO, GreenSky, YGrene, Matador, and more, in many cases you can install with no money down and achieve 100% coverage, which means no cost per kilowatt hour consumed from your grid or solar. You can also write off the interest on these loans.
  • A high ROI that often surpasses traditional investments.
  • Huge increases to your property value: homes with solar sell up to 20% more than homes without, and when homeowners see that you've invested in the top products on the market, they'll be even more likely to buy.
  • Compatible with advanced monitoring systems and battery back-up systems.
  • More top panel manufacturers to choose from.
  • You OWN your system.

Leasing is an excellent option, but if you allow our solar experts to determine whether or not you can own, the question is simple: why rent your electricity and lose out on unique federal tax credits and rebates when you can install your system with no money down and receive a positive cash flow, sometimes within year one?

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