If you're a California homeowner and you're currently using conventional tank or tankless hot water system to heat the water for your property, your system is costly and consumes high amounts of water and gas. Not to mention that conventional tank systems take up unnecessary space in your home. SolReliable is committed to helping end the California drought and lowering your gas and water bills, which is why we're proud to offer you state-of-the-art products known as solar hot water systems.

Through our partnerships with the industry's top solar hot water heating manufacturers, SolReliable can now offer you the ability to harness the sun's warmth to directly heat your water. Decide exactly how hot you want your water to be at all times, never wait for your water to heat again, save up to 80% on your gas bill, achieve huge water savings, and receive deductions and rebates so lucrative they can pay for the entire system!

Types of Solar Hot Water Heating Systems

Solar Home Hot Water

There are two types of solar hot water heating systems that SolReliable offers: Integral Collector Systems and Active Closed Loop Systems. Our expert solar consultants will work with you to discover the best choice, but here's how they work at a glance:

Integral Collector Systems (ICS)

Also known as the "waterless system," Heliodyne Sol Pal brings you an easy solar hot water solution that uses gels to heat your system. It's perfect for customers who want a simple system that requires no pumps, no controls, and no additional water on their roof. The system conserves gas and water usage and is backed by a 10 year warranty.

Active Closed Loop System (ACLS)

In this innovative setup, Sunearth and Heliodyne present an advanced solar hot water system that uses solar collectors to heat fluid that flows through a heat exchanger near the storage tank. The 80 gallon solar water tank is placed on the south-facing side of your roof. This water is heated to the temperature that you decide. From there, it injects into a tank or tankless system. This smart system holds on to heated water during cold frigid nights, so you're ensured to receive hot water immediately and consistently. Like the ICS, this system is also backed by a 10 year warranty.

Both Systems...

  • Save you up to 80% on your gas bill
  • Are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit
  • Include the Southern California Gas Company's most intensive rebates ever: as high as $4,300 until the end of 2017

Financial Incentives - Act Now to Save! 

When it comes to savings, solar water heating systems are hot. You can receive a 30% federal tax credit (FTC) off the price of your system, plus an additional $4,300 rebate from the California Solar Intiative Thermal Program! The end result is at the end of the year, after you’ve received your 30% FTC and up to $4,300 in rebate, your net cost will be an amazing deal. These rebates can change at any time! So act now and seize the savings. What are you waiting for?

To really reap the rewards of this 30% federal tax incentive, it's highly advised that you consider installing a solar thermal pool heater at the same time.

Want immediate hot water, huge gas savings, and upgrades to your existing hot water system for as little as $0? Ask for a SolReliable Green Energy Consultant to assess your needs today.

Use the sun to heat your water!

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