Perhaps the largest expense associated with owning a swimming pool is pool heating costs. You use your swimming pool when the sun is out, so why not take advantage of clean and free solar energy to heat your pool while you’re at it? Solar pool heating is a great way to extend your pool season while significantly reducing pool heating costs. Installing a solar pool heater makes especially good sense here in Southern California because of the area’s naturally warm and sunny climate. As green energy experts from San Diego and Los Angeles, SolReliable offers professional solar pool heater installation using top-rated, industry-leading products.

Greener Heating for Your Pool in Southern California

When installing a heater for your pool, you have a variety of options to choose from, including electric pool heaters, gas pool heaters, heat pumps, and solar pool heaters. Yet only one option allows you to significantly reduce your reliance on fossil fuels — a solar pool heater uses your pool’s existing pump to pump pool water to roof-installed solar collectors, where it is heated by the sun. This heated pool water is then pumped back into your pool. The process repeats until your pool reaches the desired temperature. Your system can even circulate water through the solar collectors at night during the warmer months to dissipate heat in pool water. Ultimately, a solar pool heating system gives you clean and environmentally-friendly pool heating.

Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

If you’re feeling you’re paying too much for heating, installing a solar pool heater is a great way to start. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect:

  • Rely on clean, renewable energy for pool heating

  • Supply most of the energy needed to heat your pool

  • Extend the swimming season for your pool

  • Reduce or even eliminate pool heating costs

  • Recoup the cost of your solar heater in 2 to 3 years

As solar energy and green energy solution experts, SolReliable works with only the highest quality solar pv equipment. One of the brands we most commonly install is SunStar. SunStar solar pool heaters are known for their reliability, efficiency, and high durability. Whether you want to install a solar pool heater that works in tandem with your existing heater, or you want to heat your pool using only clean solar energy, we can design a custom solution for your pool in Southern California. We’ll complete your system installation efficiently and professionally, leaving you with a high-quality installation that will heat your pool for years to come.

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