Giving Back To Our Planet

While all of the green energy products and services we provide help to preserve our planet, we’re diving deeper into our effort to give back to the planet by partnering with LAUE (Los Angeles Underwater Explorers) and GUE (Global Underwater Explorers).

Los Angeles Underwater Explorers

LAUE is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting California’s coastal habitats through conservation missions, community outreach and underwater exploration.

Global Underwater Explorers

GUE is an internationally recognized, certified scuba diving membership that provides education within recreational, technical and cave diving.

Supporting LAUE’s Ghost Net Cleanup Project

Commercial fishing nets reel in millions of fish every year, but also capture “non-target” sea life, like turtles and marine mammals. The nets also destroy critical habitats such as coral reefs.

Unfortunately, many nets are often left abandoned or lost, and they continue to trap and kill underwater life for decades — or even centuries. Marine life that grows along the bottom of the ocean floor is also constantly threatened since the nets are constantly shifting, scrubbing or plucking these organisms.

Los Angeles Underwater Explorers sends GUE certified technical divers to locate, detangle and safely remove these ghost nets through their cleanup initiative.

GUE’s Project Baseline

Through Project Baseline, Global Underwater Explorers gives ordinary citizens the power to monitor and report changes in aquatic environments around the world to help grow global awareness and advance positive political action. Learn more about Project Baseline here.

Work with SolReliable to Support Making a Difference

When you decide to move forward with a SolReliable project, you have the opportunity to voluntarily donate up to $150 to LAUE’s Project Ghost Net and GUE’s Project Baseline. SolReliable will fully match each and every donation. In addition to making your home or business energy efficient with SolReliable, you’ll also have the chance to make an environmental impact.

Do you want to explore how you can reduce your energy usage while also preserving California’s underwater life? Contact us or call (818) 446-9700 for a no-cost consultation!

Do you want to explore how you can reduce your energy usage while also preserving California’s underwater life?

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