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Did you know you can virtually eliminate your electric bills with solar energy? With high energy costs and lots of sunshine, the Greater Los Angeles area is the ideal location for residential and commercial solar energy projects. In fact, Southern California leads the country--and the world--for most PV installations per capita.

We provide service for the following utility companies: LADWP, Edison, Burbank WP, Pasadena WP, Glendale WP, Anaheim WP, PG&E, SDG&E, and more. Most of our work is completed in the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside, Santa Barbara, and San Diego.

From Thousand Oaks to Santa Monica, Northridge, and beyond, solar power provides energy solutions for home and businesses owners who want to control increasing electricity costs, save money, and help save the environment.

Top-Quality Panels and Equipment

SolReliable selects the best solar panels and equipment in the industry for different budgets and project sites. How do we know they're the best? Simply put, we select panels with the highest efficiency and lowest degradation, all backed by the longest warranties. This means we'll need to install fewer panels than companies working with third tier panels that fall apart in the sun's heat, which can leave you without product and production protection when you need it most.

We design and install customized systems that provide the greatest value to your home or business, taking your unique factors into account. We have a variety of ownership models and financing options to choose from, allowing you to choose the best solar energy solution for your property. Our options include no money down so you can start saving today.

Simplifying the Solar Upgrade Process

Our commitment is to you as the customer, not one solar brand; we will find the right panels at the best cost per kilowatt hour for your home to offset your bills. We handle your entire solar energy project from start to finish. From obtaining permits to solar system financing, we believe in making it easy every step of the way for you to go solar today.

Breathe easy knowing that your solar project is in the experienced hands of C46 licensed solar installers, with top training from Panasonic, REC, SolarEdge, Enphase, and more. For years, SolReliable has been completing installations 100% in-house, resulting in hundreds of happy customers who are enjoying the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy.

Combine Solar with Green Energy Solutions

SolReliable was founded on the revolutionary concept that instead of approaching your home with just one solution, such as solar, it's most beneficial to home and business owners alike to upgrade their properties with the greatest energy efficiency achievable and then add solar on top. Our solar installations will always offset your current electrical bills as close to 100% of as possible, but we invite you to dramatically reduce your current utility bills through smaller green energy solutions first. This innovative approach, backed by government organizations from from energy.gov, energystar.gov, to energyupgradeca.org, will offer you the greatest home or business comfort, the most bill savings possible, the highest ROI, and lowest cost per watt.

Our Exclusive Production Guarantee

Because of our commitment to consulting customers toward informed decisions, we present your options with conservative solar output estimates. This means that most of our solar systems will outperform our estimates. Other solar companies boast about offering a manufacturer's guarantee, but that comes with the solar panels regardless; however, SolReliable provides you with an unprecedented manufacturer's guarantee and a solar production guarantee. Our solar production guarantee promises that should your new system underperform what our guarantee estimates, we will install additional solar panels to offset the difference all at company cost.

Join the green revolution through our revolutionary approach to utility savings. Contact us today to save on your bills and save the environment at the same time.

Harness the power of the sun.

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