We know we are in great hands with a great company!

11/10/2016 - 5 Stars

After having such a bad experience meeting with another solar company we were completely turned off by the whole idea and hassle of it. Last week two associates came to our door to talk about the possibility of getting solar panels. We quickly tried to tell them we weren't interested but they asked us to just give them a moment of our time so they can explain the benefits of Solar and the other services they offered. They were extremely professional, friendly, and convinced us to make an apt. Our appointment was last night and I have to say Danny and Diego were AMAZING!!! Not only were they Professional, informative, and totally down to earth, but they were super amazing and pretty much did double of the work because they explained everything in detail English and Spanish so that the entire family could understand. They took their time with us, answered every question we had, made us laugh, and were able to make us feel 100% comfortable with the entire process! They were so amazing, we went from just talking about Solar panels to purchasing a new roof, Insulation, new AC/Heater, Paver Stones for the front yard, AND The solar panels! We already have an apt tomorrow for the site assessment, I cant wait till they actually start working on everything! This is going to be such a big help to our large family! THANK YOU Danny and Diego!!! You guys are the best! Or as Danny likes to call you, OUR ANGELS!!! We would not have agreed to anything if it wasn't for you guys and the the Amazing customer service you have! Thank you for being so personal and offering us things we really needed without trying to get us to purchase a bunch of unnecessary crap! You really gave us the feeling that you cared about us and our family! Thank you for making the process super easy and not rushing us through anything! We had a full understanding of everything when you left and we know we are in great hands with a great company! I, without a doubt will recommend you guys and Sol Reliable to everyone I know! Cant wait till everything is completed so I can post before and after pictures!!!!

Becky R.
Los Angeles, CA